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Aftermarket Services

Lightnin Aftermarket Servies is dedicated to providing comprehensive mixing support services that are second to none. After all, no one knows your LIGHTNIN mixers or the science of mixing better than we do! LIGHTNIN offers programs that are customized to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Our Comprehensive Program Includes:

  • Preventative Maintenance Suggestions/Tips By Product -- With this service, LIGHTNIN Service Technicians predict problems before they happen, allowing our customers to limit their unscheduled down time to an absolute minimum.
  • Operating Manuals
  • Product Warranty Information
  • Lightnin and Authorized Service Centers Repair Capabilities -- Providing:
    • Installation Management -- Proper installation is critical to the long- term performance of your LIGHTNIN mixing equipment.
    • Commissioning -- Completion of the LIGHTNIN commissioning process can result in double the standard LIGHTNIN warranty!
    • Exchange Services -- Our exchange services allow the customer to get a direct
      replacement gearbox for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
    • Equipment Audits -- By identifying the early signs of equipment degradation, and incorporating equipment condition intelligence into the capital planning process, LIGHTNIN equipment audit services helps reduce costly unplanned downtime and maximize the return on capital investments.
    • Inventory Audits -- Inventory audit services allow you to reduce operating costs while maximizing the return on your capital investments.
    • Extended Storage -- Whether you need to store new equipment until plant start-up, or need to decommission and store existing equipment, LIGHTNIN provides extended storage services to ensure that your equipment is properly prepared for, and maintained during storage.
    • Equipment Upgrades -- Offering a wide-range of equipment upgrade programs
      designed to help you avoid costly unplanned downtime and repairs associated with old or obsolete equipment.
    • Convenient, Worldwide Locations
  • Maintenance Agreement Options
  • 24 Hour Helpline & Convenient, Worldwide Locations:
    • Let Us Show You How Well We Perform Under Pressure! When your need is urgent and after regular business hours, call our 24-hour response team hotline at 1-888-MIX-BEST (1-888-649-2378) (US and Canada). Your request will be promptly processed and directed to your nearest LIGHTNIN team member.
    • What To Do Before You Call -- Please have the following information handy:
      • Original Serial Number
      • Model Number
      • Purchase Order or Credit Card
  • Troubleshooting Assistance