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Commissioning Services

LIGHTNIN supports the job-site commissioning of your LIGHTNIN equipment to ensure that the equipment is configured to LIGHTNIN start-up specifications. The checks and measures performed by a certified LIGHTNIN Technician ensure your mixer a trouble free start-up. Completion of the LIGHTNIN commissioning process can result in double the standard LIGHTNIN warranty.

Commissioning Services Include:

  • Provide hands-on or supervisory assistance in configuring the equipment for start-up
  • Check power at the equipment to confirm proper operation and loading
  • Check power at the control room to confirm proper voltage
  • Perform vibration diagnostics to measure unit mounting and operation limits of the equipment
  • Test external bearing temperatures to ensure proper bearing performance
  • Check high-speed coupling alignment to ensure conformance to factory tolerances
  • Measure shaft run-out to ensure conformance to specifications
  • Visually inspect the equipment for any abnormalities that could jeopardize optimal equipment performance
  • Complete a comprehensive LIGHTNIN Commissioning Checklist to confirm that all equipment specifications are met, and that all LIGHTNIN recommended start-up procedures are completed
  • Provide a follow-up Commissioning Report that captures the equipment's start-up baseline data and serves as the foundation for the equipment's ongoing maintenance records

Why Should Your Company Use LIGHTNIN Commissioning Services?

  • Reduce Down Time
  • Ensure Problem Free Start-Up
  • Reduce Costly Production Losses
  • Reduce Parts Inventory
  • Reduce Annual Operating Expenses
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

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