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Installation Management Services

Installation Management Services

Proper installation is critical to the long-term performance of your LIGHTNIN mixing equipment. Without proper installation, expensive process downtime and repair can result. To guard against improper installation, a certified LIGHTNIN Technician supervises job-site contractors to ensure that proper installation procedures are followed and the unit is configured properly for start-up. In addition, the presence of a certified LIGHTNIN Technician ensures that installation procedures followed by job-site contractors do not compromise the equipment warranty.

Equipment Parts Audit

A certified LIGHTNIN Service Technician will audit the shipment received from the LIGHTNIN factory to ensure all parts are present and accounted for. Arrangements will be made with the factory to secure any missing parts.

Installation Supervision

Once the job-site contractors have physically installed the equipment, the certified LIGHTNIN Service Technician will inspect all components of the LIGHTNIN equipment for anything that would prevent the successful start-up or operation of the equipment.

The following table explains those areas of inspection:




Each unit's oil seals, gaskets, and gearbox will be inspected for all oil leaks. Corrective actions will be applied as required.
Coupling AlignmentEach unit's high-speed couplings will be realigned and greased per factory specifications.
Shaft Run-OutEach unit's in-tank shaft run-out will be measured for conformity to factory recommended tolerances. Adjustments will be made as needed.
ImpellersEach unit's impellers will be inspected for proper torque and positioning. Adjustments will be made as needed.
Mechanical SealEach unit's mechanical seal will be inspected for proper plumbing and pressurization per LIGHTNIN specifications. Adjustments will be made as needed.
Steady BearingsAny units with steady bearings will be inspected to ensure proper alignment of the steady bearings. Adjustments will be made as needed.
LubricationGearbox will be checked to ensure proper oil level is maintained. Adjustments will be made as needed.

How Your Company Benefits From This Service . . .

  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Reduced Costly Production Losses
  • Reduced Installation Related Parts Damage
  • Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

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