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Inventory Audit and Reduction Services

Audit Services

Just as equipment audits are part of a total-solution approach to increasing productivity and profitability, so too are inventory audits. By identifying opportunities to reduce the capital you have tied up in inventory, LIGHTNIN inventory audit services allow you to reduce operating costs while maximizing the return on your capital investments. During inventory audit, LIGHTNIN Engineers work with your local LIGHTNIN Sales Representative to generate the following information:

  • Audit of your entire inventory of mixer spare parts
  • Document the part numbers, ages, etc. of all mixer parts
  • Subassemblies
  • Component parts
  • Evaluate the condition of each part and compare its part number against LIGHTNIN's standard parts list
  • Provide a follow-up Inventory Audit Report that outlines the audit findings and categorizes the parts as a basis for an inventory reduction program
  • Standard LIGHTNIN parts
  • Critical spare parts
  • Damaged or obsolete parts

Reduction Services

Following an Inventory Audit, LIGHTNIN Engineers and your local LIGHTNIN Sales Representative will develop a customized inventory reduction program designed to lower your inventory carrying costs, while maintaining or improving your overall process output and performance.


  • Review the Inventory Audit Report to better understand your current inventory position and identify potential reduction opportunities.
  • Propose an Inventory Reduction Plan, based on the audit findings, which addresses both short-term inventory reduction opportunities, as well as longer-term inventory management strategy.
  • Partners with you to execute the inventory reduction program and realize the inventory management strategy.
  • Write-off of obsolete parts.
  • Consignment stocking of selected standard parts.
  • Buy-back of selected standard parts.
  • Stocking of shared inventories.
  • Stocking of one-in, one-out subassemblies.
  • Work-off of stock parts via repair program.
  • Stocking of critical spares.

How Your Company Will Benefit From These Services . . .

  • Reduction of Costly Inventories
  • Optimized Part Stocking
  • Reduced Inventory Investment
  • Effective Use of Assets
  • Increased Return on Assets
  • Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership