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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Services

LIGHTNIN is the leader in predictive condition monitoring services for industrial mixers and agitators. Condition monitoring is done to analyze the mechanical condition of your equipment and to develop recommendations for optimal repair and capital planning. With this service, LIGHTNIN Service Technicians predict problems before they happen, allowing our customers to limit their unscheduled down time to an absolute minimum. Effectively scheduling downtime allows our customers to avoid abrupt equipment failures that can also cause secondary equipment damage. LIGHTNIN certified technicians provide you with the most up-to-date methods of condition monitoring coupled with an average of 25 years experience.

Vibration DiagnosticsVibration readings for the motor and reducer will be taken to ensure that the unit stays within recommended standards; a comparison can be made to the original signature done during start-up (predictive maintenance).
External Bearing Temperature CheckExternal bearing temperatures will be checked to ensure that all bearings are within acceptable bearing temperature specification on both the motor and reducer.
Oil AnalysisA sample of the old oil will be taken and sent to the lab for analysis; water, metals, and other chemical contaminates that could cause premature failure of equipment will be identified; appropriate preventive/predictive maintenance needs will be documented on the unit's maintenance report.
Bearing and Coupling GreaseAll bearings and couplings will be greased to ensure proper LIGHTNIN performance standards; any leaks in the bearing/coupling areas will be identified and reported.
High-Speed Coupling AlignmentThe high-speed coupling will be aligned to ensure that future operation is vibration-free (guard against expensive coupling failure and related problems).
Visual InspectionThe unit will be visually inspected to check for loose hardware, grease/oil leaks, and any other abnormalities.
Written ReportA written report for the unit will be prepared outlining all preventive maintenance information and noting any abnormalities discovered during the visual inspection; appropriate predictive maintenance recommendations will be generated.

How Your Company Benefits From This Service . . .

  • Reduce Down Time
  • Avoid Unscheduled Downtime
  • Reduce Costly Production Losses
  • Eliminate Secondary Damage
  • Reduce Annual Operating Expenses
  • Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership