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Consulting Services

LIGHTNIN has long supported the need of providing full service mixing support to our valued customers. Evaluation and resolution of our customer's mixing issues has been a core strength for many years at LIGHTNIN.

LIGHTNIN will evaluate your existing mixer design and process goals to determine opportunities for improvement. LIGHTNIN will team with your technical group to reduce time and expense for developing new mixing applications. LIGHTNIN can assist in the specification of mixer design, tank internals, feed stream locations and product draw-off position to optimize your operation. LIGHTNIN has extensive experience in scaling up lab designs and achieving guaranteed full-scale performance.

LIGHTNIN's consulting work starts with a discussion of your needs and process information. Then a proposal is created to define the project scope, responsibilities, deliverables, cost and schedule.

  • Solids suspension analysis and optimization
  • Mass Transfer analysis and optimization
  • Blending analysis and optimization
  • G/L Reaction Improvement
  • Heat Transfer Improvement
  • Mechanical Troubleshooting
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Process Capability Development
    • Audit of your mixing systems and report on how to improve
  • Scale-up and Scale-down expertise
  • Lab dedicated Fabrication Facility
  • Solids suspension
    with particle size distribution measurement
  • Mass Transfer rates by DO measurement
  • Flow visualization with dye/pH indicators
  • Conductivity probes with high speed data acquisition for quantitative blending analysis
  • High Viscosity Solution preps
  • Fluid force measurements with high speed data acquisition
  • Advanced CFD Modeling
  • 80 foot diameter tank
  • 50 foot by 50 foot tank
  • Fully instrumented 8 foot and 10 foot diameter tanks; 9" to 48"acrylic and stainless tanks
  • Large impeller inventory
  • Torque measurement on mixer shaft
  • Video Recording
  • Microtrac Particle Analyzer
  • Auto moisture analyzer
  • Doppler Laser Velocimeter Lab
  • Solvent Rated Lab (XP)