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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Better System Design Through Computational Fluid Dynamics

LIGHTNIN's state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology produces computerized models of mixing systems for analysis of flow distribution, mixing rates and other critical processing parameters. CFD technology is a key tool in the development of new mixing applications and scale-up, optimization or upgrading of existing applications.

New Process Development

Today's competitive environment requires rapid development of new products and processes. CFD technology provides detailed analysis of fluid flow early in the development process. The effects of in-tank elements such as baffles and heating coils can be factored into the system design. Potential problems can be identified and resolved quickly to avoid time-consuming trial-and-error physical testing.


Scale-up can be one of the biggest challenges in fluid processing. Adjustments in one or more processing parameters may be necessary to achieve optimum results in production-size systems. CFD technology allows LIGHTNIN to predict fluid flow and distribution quickly in various mixing system configurations.

Process Optimization, Upgrades and Retrofits

LIGHTNIN can use CFD technology to model your current process and identify mixing inadequacies, such as low-velocity areas, circulation zones, staging and anomalies in the fluid flow. System parameters can be adjusted and tested - quickly and easily - until the optimum efficiency is achieved.

Put Lightnin CFD Technology to Work

Contact your local LIGHTNIN Sales Representative to learn how CFD technology can help save time and money on your next project.