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World Pumps Magazine Article Explains How SPX Diaphragm Pumps are Designed to Handle Abrasive Liquids

An article in the October 2014 issue of World Pumps magazine focuses on the many challenges associated with pumping liquids that contain abrasives, and how the wrong choice of pump can result in downtime, lost production revenue and higher maintenance costs.

When the fluids being pumped contain a particulate, often referred to as “slurry,” that content can often be abrasive. Abrasive liquids can have a negative impact on the rotating parts and seals of the pump they come in contact with, and if a hazardous fluid is being pumped, there are even greater health, safety and environmental risks.

As the article explains, SPX reciprocating diaphragm pumps can help resolve some of the issues surrounding the handling of abrasive liquids. Instead of having rotating parts in the liquid, the diaphragm separates the pumped liquid from the moving parts of the pump. In addition, the material from which the diaphragm and check valves are made can be selected to be compatible and more suitable to the abrasive nature of a particular fluid. This separation from the internal pump parts helps eliminate the need for special sealing systems, and helps reduce maintenance costs as well as system downtime.

Read the full article on pages 14-15 of World Pumps.