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Achieving Operational Excellence: Pipeline Maintenance Beginning at Design Stage

Pipeline operation and maintenance throws up some unique challenges, particularly in the oil and gas sector. Critical equipment like pumps and valves must be resilient enough to withstand varied environmental conditions such as the salt-laden atmospheres on exploration platforms, or climates on land ranging from hot desert to icy tundra.

The fact that the products being transported are by their nature harsh and corrosive, adds another dimension to maintenance considerations. Robust design, material specification and build quality is key to ensuring that pumps, valves and closures are robust and reliable from the outset, thereby optimizing pipeline productivity and minimizing downtime.

While critical equipment for pipeline applications may command a premium, the fact that its superior design and quality can withstand the operational challenges for longer periods means that capital cost is offset by the savings on routine maintenance or unanticipated outages.

Although the basic operational principles of valves and pumps remain unchanged, designers and manufacturers are constantly seeking ways of making them more efficient, flexible, reliable and easy to maintain. As a multi-industry manufacturer, SPX FLOW provides creative solutions that can help improve operational and maintenance efficiency in all phases of oil, gas and biofuel production: from exploration, extraction and processing to transport and storage.

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