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SPX Attrition Scrubbers Help Optimize Mineral Processing

Attrition scrubbers are used in a wide variety of industries to scrub, grind and polish mineral particles. For example, in the glass industry, attrition scrubbing adds value to glass sand production by improving the purity of the silica which helps determine the clarity of glass.

However, the benefits of attrition scrubbers are often overlooked when it comes to mineral processing. The truth of the matter is that the use of attrition can help generate significant cost savings by reducing the number of cells required for effective processing, handling higher product throughput, minimizing energy costs and increasing yield from subsequent processes.

SPX understands that if attrition scrubbers do not mix well, the process becomes largely ineffective, with particles moving together in a vortex, rather than colliding with one another. As such, SPX Ligntnin attrition scrubbers are designed with a mixer that allows particles to move through the scrubber in a steady flow—allowing for maximum particle collisions with minimal loss of energy.

Mike Preston and Jeremy Tatarzyn, application engineers for SPX Flow Technology, published a white paper on attrition scrubbers in a recent edition of Mining Engineering.