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SPX Technology Helps Baby Food Producers

SPX flow technologies play a major role in the production of baby foods. Every day, we leverage our deep expertise in dairy food processing, and today approximately 250 SPX products have dairy applications. Some of our leading product brands in dairy processing include APV and Anhydro, and through them we engineer, manufacture and install components and turnkey solutions for the baby food processing industry.

Rising demand for infant formula and other baby foods is due to a number of converging demographic developments including overall population growth, higher birth rates, growing consumer spending and more women entering the workforce. These factors combined with the need for balanced nutrition are helping to drive the expansion of the global baby food market.

Meeting a wide range of end-product specifications and customer requirements, SPX has extensive experience in the design and installation of systems for dairy-based baby foods and our process solutions include those designed to produce:

  • Infant formulas as a substitute for human milk,
  • Follow-up formulas as part of the liquid diet of older infants,
  • Specialty formulas for specific nutritional needs; and
  • Fermented baby foods.

We’ve also developed highly advanced technologies designed to remove harmful bacteria from infant formulas with minimal heat damage to the product. Our in-depth dairy processing knowledge allows us to play a significant role in helping to ensure the quality and safety of foods meant to feed the smallest members of our world’s population.