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SPX Bolting Systems Pumps Designed to Increase Productivity and Safety

Designed to be durable and reliable, SPX Bolting Systems’ Infinity Series of pumps can provide a safer working environment.

As a result of their pressure-flow curve that utilizes available horsepower, Infinity Series pumps can significantly enhance speeds.

For example, the PA60A pump complies with the European Union’s Directive on Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres, commonly referred to as the ATEX Equipment Directive.

ATEX specifies the types of hazardous conditions in which a product must be capable of safely operating. In potentially explosive atmospheres, such as in oil refineries or natural gas platforms, a growing number of construction and repair teams are turning to SPX equipment that is designed to operate safely.

Through precision design, as well as thorough testing, SPX Bolting Systems takes numerous steps to help ensure the quality of its Infinity Series pumps.