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SPX Cheese Rack Filler Helps Ensure Gentle Production of Cheeses

As a leading global supplier of complete cheese plants to the dairy industry, SPX offers a comprehensive selection of flexible, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of cheese types and sizes.  In fact, SPX cheese process technology is the result of many years of experience and close co-operation with cheese manufacturers throughout the world. Our experience and wide range of technologies means that we can configure a solution for a particular cheese production line, and provide all necessary support and service.

For example, SPX’s Cheese Rack Filler is a specially designed rack filling system that enables the filling process to take place below the water level to help ensure the gentle treatment of soft, pressed cheeses. In addition, the filler is flexible to accommodate various cheese sizes and shapes.

How It Works

Pressed cheeses are conveyed on a belt conveyor from the mold emptier to the rack filler where they are loaded on the roller conveyor in the rack loading vat. After the roller conveyor is lowered below water level, the rack elevator pulls an empty rack from the rack storage system and places it with the lowest shelf in the loading position on a level with the roller conveyor.  Each shelf is loaded one at a time by the means of a pneumatically-controlled pushing device. Afterward, the rack elevator steps the rack to the next position.When the rack is loaded and all the cheeses are under liquid, the rack is pulled out of the elevator to the position for crane collection to the brining vat. 


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