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Shanghai Bright Dairy Hosts Delegates of 2014 Annual China Dairy Industry Association Conference

Tour of Dairy Processing Plant in Shanghai Showcases SPX Technology for Producing Pasteurized Fresh Milk, Long Shelf Life Milk and Yogurt

In August 2014, dairy producers from around the world gathered in Shanghai, China to attend the 20th Annual Conference of the China Dairy Industry Association (CDIA).

The conference attracts leaders from the global dairy industry who gather to discuss developing global and regional trends, as well as the opportunities and challenges ahead. This year, representatives from major dairy-producing countries around the world, including Australia, France, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and the United States, were in attendance.

With dairy consumption in China on the rise, the Chinese dairy industry has been undergoing unprecedented change. According to the International Farm Comparison Network, Chinese dairy demand is anticipated to increase from a current 43 million tons of liquid milk to 61 million tons by 2024, a 42 percent increase.  This increase equates to an uptick in demand of approximately 40 billion pounds of milk – or the equivalent of nearly all the milk produced in New Zealand in a single year.

Through a series of forum discussions, this year’s CDIA Annual Conference aimed to take a deeper look at the ways in which the Chinese dairy industry can enhance the quality and safety of dairy products, as well as ways to strengthen the international competitiveness and growth of Chinese dairy.

At the CEO Forum held at the conference, CEOs from renowned dairy products companies analyzing successful case studies for merger and acquisitions in the dairy industry and the effect of these acquisitions on Chinese production. Additionally, the International Infant and Child Nutrition and Food Technology Forum discussed the latest developments regarding local and international infant formula and milk powders, a key driver of overall dairy demand in China.

One of the conference’s highlights was the delegates’ visit to Bright Dairy’s East China Factory. With a daily dairy treatment volume of 2,600 tons, the factory is one of the world’s largest liquid processing plants and is helping Bright Dairy to meet growing demand across China for fresh milk, ultra-high temperature long shelf life milk and yogurt.

Bright Dairy's 155,000-square-meter facility in Shanghai features a series of SPX full-line fresh dairy and yogurt processing systems. The plant utilizes SPX's latest innovations for dairy processing, which deliver greater efficiencies for Bright Dairy in milk processing, clean-in-place cleaning, heat recovery and water recirculation.