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SPX Sponsors Family Health Forum in China

SPX has operated in China for nearly two decades and has long demonstrated a commitment to social and civic involvement, as well as active support of local economies and enterprises.

For example, in 2013, SPX teamed up with Special Olympics East Asia (SOEA) to host a Family Health Forum in China in order to educate families with mentally disadvantaged children about the benefits of dairy nutrition and their positive impact on overall health.

Leveraging SPX's deep dairy industry experience, the forum featured experts in dairy nutrition who provided information designed to educate, train, and support families with mentally challenged children seeking to improve their personal, physical abilities and overall quality of life.

“We are committed to helping the local dairy industry provide healthy and nutritious dairy products,” said David J. Wilson, president of Flow Global Food and Beverage Systems. "Moreover, through initiatives like the Family Health Forum, we are making strides to raise public awareness of daily nutrition requirements and to improve people’s quality of life.”

Content for parents at the Forum ranged from a nutrition enhancement lecture demonstrating how to sterilize and preserve dairy products, as well as help maintain their nutritional value and taste, to educational talks aimed at giving them a better understanding of dairy processing techniques, nutritional intake methods, and the array of available products designed to help improve their children’s lives.

In addition, families were invited to take a tour of the China Dairy Museum and experience a first-hand view of dairy processing systems, as well as receive tips on how to choose the right dairy products for optimal daily nutritional intake.