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ClydeUnion Pumps: A Heavyweight Serving the Global Oil & Gas Industry

With a main facility in Glasgow, Scotland, and others in the U.S., Canada, France and the U.K., ClydeUnion Pumps has been in the business of manufacturing pumps since 1886. In late 2011, SPX acquired the company to help broaden its vast portfolio of flow technology solutions and help create a global oil and gas industry growth platform for SPX moving forward.

From engineered solutions to aid offshore oil and gas exploration to pumping systems that meet the increasingly tough demands of global refinery systems in remote, far off places, today ClydeUnion pumps are utilized in refineries, gas plants, offshore oil platforms and pipelines around the world.


Transfer of crude and refined products via pipeline, often in remote locations, demands a high level of pumping reliability. ClydeUnion has a reputation for supplying the reliable pipeline pumps that can be found working throughout the world, in some of the most hostile and challenging environments.


Meeting the demand for high efficiency and reliability, ClydeUnion pumps can also usually be found on onshore and offshore oilfields, satisfying a wide range of pumping services including high pressure seawater injection, crude oil transfer and the handling of various industry related fluids.


Today’s complex refinery processes demand specialized pumping solutions. ClydeUnion pumps are designed to handle the extreme temperatures, high pressure and volatile fluids associated with the global refinery industry.

In addition to delivering products manufactured with the highest standards, ClydeUnion actively supports its installed base of pumps and pumping systems around the world, and either provides direct service support or support via a local authorized service partner.

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