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ClydeUnion Pumps: Innovative Water Solutions for the Global Mineral and Mining Industry

In mineral and mining applications, water plays an essential role in extraction, ore and waste transportation, processing, and generating the finished product. Given this reliance on water – and water scarcity issues – there is a growing need for reliable and alternative water sourcing in the global mining industry.

Through its ClydeUnion line of pumping solutions, SPX provides customers in the minerals and mining industry with leading edge pump technologies to help meet their remote and often demanding water supply applications. These solutions are based on decades of experience serving the oil and gas industry, including the deep engineering knowledge and expertise stemming from the role that ClydeUnion pumps have played in major petroleum pipeline projects across the globe.

A world leader in the supply of reliable pumping solutions, ClydeUnion’s comprehensive array of pump products cover virtually every water supply application – from intake and reverse osmosis to product distribution and pipeline transportation.

In particular, ClydeUnion Pumps understands the desalination market and other arduous sea water applications where pumps can be affected by stress corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion and pitting in chloride-bearing environments.

For example, the ClydeUnion Pumps HPPL (High Pressure Pipeline) pump is a radially split diffuser multistage pump designed initially for the requirements of desalination plants now utilised for pipeline applications. It features superior efficiencies and lower capital costs than equivalent pumps, as well as numerous unique design features that ensure maximum through life costs and reliability in service.

API compliant pumps

Water conveyance to, and within, a mine site can be remote, demanding and require a high level of pumping reliability. When required by the customer, ClydeUnion Pumps will provide pumping equipment designed and built according to the latest edition of the API 610 pump specification. Although its primary intention is for the oil & gas industry, the API 610 specification is one of the most stringent design requirements in the world providing reliability, dependability, safety, and longevity. Today, ClydeUnion Pumps is a world class leader in providing API pump products to the oil and gas industry with numerous installations throughout the world including pipelines in the most hostile environments.

ClydeUnion Pumps for the Mining Industry

ClydeUnion Pumps offers a wide range of engineered pumps for the mining industry including multi-stage, axially and radial split case, end suction, and vertical turbine that are utilized in various other mining applications such as dewatering, leaching, acid and solvent transfer, brine transfer, and boiler feed.

When a miner’s choice for water from the ocean is desalinated seawater, ClydeUnion Pumps offer a comprehensive range of products to cover all applications from seawater intake pumps through to product distribution. In fact, ClydeUnion reciprocating power pumps are ruggedly designed for minimum maintenance and to meet the heavy duty requirements of continuous operation in the desalination industry.

Service and Support

ClydeUnion Pumps after sales support extends across all of its legacy brands, as well as new equipment, and provides full backup for obsolete products and for third party equipment. The parts ClydeUnion Pumps supply meet the original specification, or are upgraded where appropriate, and many components can be covered by a Rapid Response option which can have parts on site within 24 hours.

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