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SPX Showcases New Range of Compressed Natural Gas Dryers at 2014 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo

Through its Dehydration business, SPX has more than 25 years of experience in supplying dryers to the compressed natural gas (CNG) industry. Dryers play an essential role in purifying the CNG being used to fuel the increasingly popular class of natural gas vehicles (NGVs). They are also a critical fueling station component to protect valuable downstream assets from damage and provide high quality, purified gas.

“The number of natural gas-powered vehicles in the world is rapidly growing and this is a trend that will likely continue in the years to come,” notes David Wilson, president, SPX Flow Industrial. “The abundant supply of natural gas, coupled with the fact that it is less costly than conventional fuels and emits fewer CO2 emissions, increasingly makes it the fuel choice of today and tomorrow.”

Transporting natural gas from the wellhead to the final customer involves several physical transfers of custody. SPX provides dehydration and filtration technologies to ensure compressed natural gas is properly treated at the fueling station. To further support the rapid development of the CNG fueling market, SPX has introduced a new Fueling Station Dryer (FSD) series that offers economical, efficient solutions to suit all station capacities.

SPX showcased its new line of FSD-A Series dryers at the 2014 Alternative Clean Transportation/ Global Natural Gas Vehicle Expo which took place at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California May 5-8.

SPX offers three types of gas purification systems for CNG to meet specific application requirements. They are:

FSD-M Series:

The FSD-M (Manual regeneration) models are single tower dryers ideal for removing vapor from CNG where there are small or intermittent gas flows. They provide an economical solution, which assures safe, reliable performance through the use of a unique molecular sleeve which adsorbs moisture even at very low relative humidity. SPX can provide contracted regeneration services with these dryers.

FSD-A Series:

The new FSD-A (Automatic regeneration) series is specifically designed for low to medium flow NGV fleet refueling applications. The models bridge the gap between single tower, manual regeneration technology and fully automated, heat-reactivated twin tower purification systems. Still offering a highly economical, single tower solution, these new units incorporate a regeneration package and remove the need for rental costs or third party regeneration. The products are designed to optimize the use of floor space and to increase operational efficiency compared with manual regeneration alternatives.

The FSD Series provides excellent drying performance with coalescing and particulate filters for particulate, scale liquid aerosol and desiccant fine removal. The dryer is isolated during regeneration and is designed with closed loop convection to avoid gas loss during purge. It is a high performance solution with a design which utilizes the best features of previous dryer series and is based on the vast experience SPX has in delivering CNG drying solutions.

FSD-T Series:

Completing the CNG dryer range from SPX is the FSD-T (Twin Tower regeneration) series. This fully automated, twin tower purification system provides completely self-contained, fully automatic, heat-reactivated, closed-loop blower purge desiccant drying.

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