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SPX Processing Technologies Help Extend the Shelf Life of Coconuts

Often referred to as a “super fruit,” coconut can be found in a variety of products ranging from milks and juices to beauty products and oils. Packed with protein, fiber and vitamins, coconuts appear to be making a commercial comeback in many places around the world.

Similar to most natural products, however, coconut has a limited shelf life. With expiration dates so closely scrutinized in the current food and beverage marketplace, SPX has been devising ways to help extend the shelf life of coconut through pasteurization and the application of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processes. Packaged in sterile containers, products can be stored for months and require no refrigeration until they are opened.

UHT technology can also help minimize nutritional degradation, which helps ensure a fresh taste. For these reasons, SPX’s advanced processing technologies have been successfully implemented on numerous coconut processing lines.

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