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  • Cost-reducing Evaporation Solutions

    Anhydro MVR evaporators use a mechanical compressor or a fan to compress the vapor instead of steam jets.

MVR Evaporators Can Help Reduce Plant Operating Costs

Various evaporation techniques are used to concentrate fluids in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Evaporation is often used to concentrate a product, such as milk, and involves removing liquid (usually water) from a solution by turning it into a gaseous form. Evaporation is also typically an energy-intensive process that has historically been a main contributor to a production plant’s overall operating costs.

For large sanitary and industrial evaporation needs today, Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) evaporators can be an effective choice. This is because MVRs use a mechanical compressor or a fan to compress the vapor, instead of steam jets, and as such, require no primary steam except at start-up.

MVR Evaporators are also highly reliable and very easy to control and operate. Their gentle operating conditions make them ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical applications where it is important to retain and protect product characteristics for high quality end product.

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