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SPX Hydraulic Submersible Pump Helps Save Costs

The ClydeUnion Hydraulic Submersible Pump (HSP) from SPX features a highly advanced pump design that makes it a very reliable choice for down-hole pumping applications, such as in on-shore and offshore oil wells.

The pump features a hydraulic turbine that is less prone to high liquid viscosity, making it more resistant to the wear and corrosion associated with oil wells. With three times the life span of many traditional electric pumps, the ClydeUnion HSP does not require an electrical power system. As a result, the pump reduces electrical costs, as well as the threat of unexpected equipment failure.

According to

“The HSP is designed in the highest grade materials to resist wear and corrosion for the full life of a well. Its superior flexibility in operation means that it can handle 75% continuous gas content and 100% gas slugs, reducing the occurrence and risks of damage from gas lock. This means that it can easily handle significant variances in predicted design conditions without compromising reservoir production rates or being prone to early failure.”

Additionally, the HSP is significantly more compact than many equivalent electric motor pumps, making it easier to install and reducing the risk of damage during use.

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