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  • U.S. Ambassador Laurie Fulton arrives at the Silkeborg site.

  • The ambassador tours the Silkeborg Innovation Centre.

  • Participants in the ambassador’s visit included (from the left) Rikke Strauss Haulund (management assistant), Frank Borch-Olsen, Jan Preuss, Claus Thorsen, Laurie Fulton, John Meyer and Travis Sevy.

U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Visits SPX’s Silkeborg Innovation Centre

U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Laurie S. Fulton

Laurie S. Fulton recently visited SPX’s site in Silkeborg, Denmark as part of her trip to say goodbye to people she has met during the four years she has been the United States’ Ambassador to Denmark. She is leaving Denmark to go back to her family in the U.S.

Laurie Fulton; Travis Sevy, public diplomacy officer from the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen; and Frank Borch-Olsen, a member of the local city council were welcomed to the Silkeborg site by a team of SPX Flow Technology representatives. They included John Meyer, managing director in Silkeborg; Claus Thorsen, director Systems Technology: and Jan Preuss, execution director, Operations and Service. The visit began with a short introduction to SPX’s business, history, structure, key technologies and products.

After the introduction, the ambassador and her team received a guided tour of the Silkeborg Innovation Centre and assembly line. According to John Meyer, the ambassador was very impressed with all the activity and ongoing projects, and expressed great interest in SPX. She was pleased with the visit and wished SPX all the best in the future.