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SPX's Double Acting Diaphragm Pumps Save Space

A recent issue of International Oil & Gas Engineer magazine features an article (click here to access and then scroll to pages 78-79) written by SPX Flow Technology’s Rainer Schmid explaining the benefits of double-acting diaphragm pumps on rigs and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units.

Diaphragm pumps are used in the oil and gas industry for pumping fluids and injecting chemicals. They provide incredibly precise injection of chemicals and can handle harmful fluids safely. The diaphragm pump moves with hydraulic oil, which is pushed back and forth using a plunger. As the diaphragm moves backwards, it increases the volume inside the pumping changer, creating suction and opening the intake valve. As the diaphragm moves forward, it reduces the volume in the pump, opening the outlet valve and pushing the liquid out.

SPX considered the challenges facing the oil and gas industry—maximizing efficiency within limited weight and space constraints—when developing the double-acting hydraulic diaphragm pump. The innovative pump combines the benefits of two, well-proven pump head designs utilized by SPX for years. Employing the principle behind a double acting plunger pump, the double acting diaphragm pump offers leak-free, low maintenance handling of aggressive and harmful fluids with dramatically increased pumping efficiency at a fraction of the size of an equivalent duplex, single acting pump.