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Improving Food-Safety and Environmental Care with SPX EcoPure™ Pumps

In early 2015, SPX introduced EcoPure™, a new line of sanitary centrifugal pumps for food processing applications. Designed to improve production efficiency and the safety of final food products, this new pump addresses modern challenges in hygienic applications like beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical production.

Unlike traditional industrial magnetic drives, the SPX EcoPure line of pumps offers a virtually leak-free, sanitary solution for food and beverage processors. By incorporating magnets directly into the impeller and eliminating the need for mechanical seals, the pumps improve cleanability and smooth product flow. Further, by eliminating the need for waterlines to flush seals, the pumps deliver a simpler, reliable configuration.

“We have a large portfolio of pump technology and expertise at SPX as well as a long history of providing leading solutions for sanitary applications,” notes Jeff Sporer, director - product and aftermarket sales, SPX Flow Food and Beverage. “This latest pump offering reflects our commitment to helping our customers enhance the productivity and safety of their food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical processes.”

By eliminating the need for seal maintenance and reducing the risk of product contamination through seal failure, the EcoPure delivers significant benefits toward maintaining food product safety. The design also reduces the environmental impact of processing operations by reducing overall leakage and eliminating wastewater from seal flushing.

The EcoPure line can be used in almost any application in which a traditional centrifugal pump could be used. This includes clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) operations, with pumps available in several sizes to match unique requirements. Additionally, the pumps are available with custom trimmed impellers to meet the unique flow and pressure requirements needed for a particular processing plant.

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