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SPX Spray Dryers Provide Efficient Solution to Pharmaceutical Industry

Robert Turok, Technology Manager at SPX Flow Technology

A recent issue of American Pharmaceutical Review featured an in-depth interview with Robert Turok, Technology Manager at SPX Flow Technology. In the interview, Turok shared how the pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing a rapid transformation and innovative pharmaceutical technologies, such as spray dryers, are helping to set the pace.

For example, new sophisticated drug delivery technologies have been developed to address the changing demands of the industry. These new technologies require greater performance from product particles than they once did. Particles, which were once simply carriers for the drug, are now integral parts of complex delivery systems and need to exhibit advanced functional properties. Spray drying has the ability to create particles with the advanced characteristics required by new pharmaceutical technologies.

Spray drying provides a cost-effective method to develop the particle’s functional characteristics, using processes like microencapsulation to implement controlled delivery strategies, such as taste-making or controlled release technologies. Aseptic spray drying only requires 25% of the manufacturing space and provides a faster process, requires less energy, and reduces the amount of infrastructure and capital equipment required by traditional freeze drying technologies.

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