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SPX Technologies Enhance Coffee Production

SPX is a world leader in freeze drying and vacuum drying technologies, as well as those used for extraction and evaporation. Our flow technologies and systems are used to produce a wide variety of foods and beverages, including instant coffee. Our extraction technologies are designed for multiple purposes, and can be used to produce a number of different products from a single system.

Today, we are a leading global supplier of freeze drying technology to the coffee processing industry. In the production of instant coffee, coffee extract is produced by extracting the roast and ground coffee with hot water in high-yield percolators. After the extraction process, the aromas are recovered and the coffee extract is concentrated under gentle conditions, followed by either spray drying into a powder or freeze drying into a granule. When applied to the production of instant coffee, our extraction technology is designed to achieve a very high yield from the raw material, which improves efficiencies and profit per ton.

We also provide modernization and retro-fitting services for existing coffee production plants in an effort to help them not only enhance the quality of their instant coffee products, but also to help them reduce water consumption and energy costs associated with the production process. This includes supplying coffee production plants with individual processing equipment tailored specifically to customer requirements.

To learn more, please visit these pages concerning the Anhydro spray drying technology and the e&e Series freeze drying technology for coffee plants.