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Flowing with Sun Power

Concerns run high over how long the world’s supply of fossil fuels will last. Yet there is one energy source that is not in short supply — the sun. SPX is helping to harness the power of the sun for energy and putting that energy to work to help keep other fuel sources accessible and safe.

A Desert Resource

The vast deserts of the Middle East hide vast fields of oil. However, propelling this fuel safely through pipelines requires people and electricity — both of which can be in limited supply in the remote locations where oil is often found.

When a United Arab Emirates-based oil operation approached Bran+Luebbe®, an SPX company, to help them keep the oil flowing, the team came back with an innovative solution: a pump system that harnesses a resource that is abundant in the desert — sunshine.

Solar-powered Pumping

Equipped with a solar panel and a high-efficiency motor, the Bran+Luebbe pump system draws on solar energy for its power supply. The sun’s rays keep the pumps in the pipeline running during the day. At night, the pumps continue to run, powered by solar-charged batteries.

The equipment is weatherproof, and eliminates even the slightest contamination that could be caused by fine particles of desert sand entering the system. It also hermetically seals liquid inside the pump head to ensure safe transport of the fuel — for people and for the environment.