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SPX Helps Meet Increased Global Demand for Dairy Products

Dairy consumption in developing markets is forecast to increase from about 70 billion liters in 2011 to nearly 80 billion liters in 2014, according to the Dairy Index. Many of these consumers live in developing countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Kenya.

SPX is helping producers of milk and other dairy products, including baby formula, expand the capacity of their production plants and deliver safe, high-quality products. SPX Flow Technology Vice President of Sales Jason Westwood explains.

How is the global dairy industry changing?

The dairy industry is becoming an increasingly complex business. Some years ago, it was all about delivering a basic range of dairy products to a local area. Today, dairy manufacturers are operating on a far larger scale, supplying wider geographical areas, with a constantly expanding array of products to customers all around the world.

How is SPX helping dairy product producers expand to meet growing demand?

SPX has decades of dairy industry expertise, and today we’re able to help our customers build state-of-the-art plants by providing everything from system design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning to equipment maintenance and operator training. We design and produce the equipment and technology enabling us to package them as full line automated solutions for the processing of everything from liquid milk, yogurt, cheese and whey products, to butter, milk powders and baby foods.

Where is SPX seeing greater demand for dairy products?

In recent years, we have seen demand for our dairy processing systems grow in emerging markets such as China, Latin America and the Middle East where dairy is now increasingly becoming part of staple diet in those regions. For example, we have been working with Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. to establish a new dairy processing plant in Shanghai that, when completed, is expected to be one of the largest fresh dairy and yogurt plants in China.

How else do you deliver value to your dairy customers?

We are constantly innovating to develop new equipment and technologies that help our customers produce safe and nutritious products more cost effectively. We also operate state-of-the-art test centers in Denmark where our customers can develop, test and refine their product recipes using our equipment – before they go to market.

What’s an example of innovative technology for the dairy industry?

One of the challenges dairy product manufacturers face is how to apply heat technology in a way that destroys harmful bacteria without damaging taste, texture and important nutrients. This is particularly essential for sensitive products such as baby formula and flavored milk drinks. Our APV Instant Infusion System involves preheating milk concentrate using a plate heat exchanger, followed by almost instantaneous very high temperature heating using steam infusion in a highly controlled process. This technology helps manufacturers achieve just the right amount of heat to kill harmful bacteria while keeping chemical heat degradation to a minimum thereby maintaining the milks nutritious properties and taste intact.