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SPX Food and Beverage Experts Share Insights about Choosing the Right Pumps and Valves on Magazine

SPX’s Chris Sinutko, product and aftermarket sales specialist, and Jim LeClair, global product manager, were recently featured in an article on titled “How to Choose the Right Pumps and Valves.”

Dairy Foods invited leading suppliers of pumps and valves to talk about new innovations, cost cutting and best practices in dairy processing facilities.

Here’s what Chris and Jim had to say about selecting the best pumps and valves:

“Automated valve manifolds give plants not only greater capacity, minimized downtime for cleaning and increased production flexibility, but also greatly lower the probability of severe consequences, reduce the risk of product and personnel safety, and provide a record of activity if something harmful does happen so it can be corrected. Valves with control tops are designed to monitor the valve seats to ensure they are properly seated in the blocked position before the cleaning system can be activated. Valves can also be selected to be normally closed to ensure it is in the safe (blocked) position during power failure. This all creates an automatic fail-safe system preventing contamination of the product with cleaning or sanitizing solutions.”

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