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SPX FLOW Industrial Mixing Solutions Serve a Broad Array of Industries

Industrial mixers are used to mix or blend a wide range of materials used in different industries including the chemical, pharmaceutical, water/waste water treatment and mineral industries. They can range in size from laboratory to production scale and use different types of impellers to mix a variety of different materials (liquids/solids/gases) to achieve different process results.

Mixers are also used to help maintain the uniformity of liquids such as crude oil. The next time you pass one of those large cylindrical vessels, there’s a good chance the oil or gasoline inside is being “stirred” with an SPX FLOW mixer.

According to Market Research Reports, the global market for industrial mixers is expected to grow at a CAGR above 5 percent from 2013 to 2018, driven primarily by increased demand for the raw materials that are produced via processes that require mixers. As customers become more focused on the importance of not just keeping their plants running, but doing so in an environmentally responsible, efficient and predictable way, the demand for equipment condition monitoring and low power consumption products will continue to rise.

Today, SPX FLOW provides a wide range of industrial mixing solutions designed to serve an array of industries. Andrew Creathorn, vice president of SPX FLOW’s mixer business within SPX FLOW Industrial, explains.

What are some of the trends shaping demand in the global industrial mixer market?

Asia continues to be a significant growth engine for mixers in much the same way it has been for most industrial equipment, fuelled by the ongoing infrastructure expansion necessary to sustain economic growth. The major centers for growth are China and India, but other countries including Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand are becoming increasingly active, and Korea continues to be a major hub for global engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts. Here in the U.S., growth is being driven primarily by the burgeoning U.S. shale gas and NGL’s (Natural Gas Liquids). Over the next five years or so, it’s a pretty safe bet that technologies currently being developed and used in the U.S associated with the “shale boom” will begin to be adopted around the world, leading to an additional wave of plant investment.

In which industries can you find SPX FLOW industrial mixers at work?

SPX FLOW industrial mixers serve the global chemical; oil and gas; mining and minerals; food and beverage; petrochemical; water/waste water treatment; and pharmaceutical industries among others. Our industrial mixers are involved in the production of hundreds of products and materials that are used every day, from gold and iron, cough syrup, and probiotic cultures used in yogurt to vitamins, sunflower oil, paint and lubricants. The list goes on and on.

How does SPX FLOW approach customers with operations that need industrial mixers?

At SPX FLOW, we like to say that we don't sell mixers, we sell mixing solutions. We take the time to understand our customers’ business objectives and challenges and what they want to achieve, and then we leverage our engineering expertise and deep experience to develop the right mixing solution to help them achieve those objectives.

We maintain a state of the art Research and Development lab, where we model customer mixing applications and develop unique solutions. We’re not in the business of just selling an off-the-shelf mixer. We partner with our customers to develop the optimal mixing solutions needed to help make their business operations more efficient, effective, reliable and profitable.

SPX FLOW offers a broad range of industrial mixers under the Lightnin and Plenty brand names. Our reputation for producing high quality mixers is well established, and we are equally well regarded for the aftermarket service and support we provide to customers who purchase our mixers. Customers want mixers that are flexible, deliver high performance, are durable and reliable and offer energy efficiencies. SPX FLOW Industrial mixers deliver on all these fronts.

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