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SPX FLOW Industrial Pumps: Everywhere You Look

Industrial pumps come in a variety of types and sizes and are used to move liquids and slurries. They operate through the conversion of a mechanical action (usually either reciprocating or rotary) into hydraulic energy (flow) within the pump itself and are, therefore, ubiquitous in the movement of fluids in all industries, including chemical; petrochemical; oil and gas; marine & shipbuilding; pharmaceutical; textile; horticulture; food and beverage and water treatment, to name a few.

According to a Freedonia Group study “World Pumps to 2016,” demand in the global pumps market is projected to rise by 6.4 percent annually through 2016 and grow from a current level of $55.8 billion to $76.1 billion. Much of this increased demand is anticipated to be driven by investments in water infrastructure and electricity generation in China and India, and positive displacement and centrifugal pumps are projected to see the largest percentage gains. These types of numbers are repeated throughout multiple sources.

Today, SPX FLOW provides a wide range of industrial pump solutions designed to serve an array of industries. Stuart Moffatt, vice president of the Industrial Pumps business within SPX FLOW Industrial, explains.

What are some of the trends shaping demand in the global market for industrial pumps?

One of the key developments impacting the industrial pumps market in recent years has been globalization. During this period, we’ve seen traditionally domestic or local manufacturers diversifying geographically and taking increasingly bold steps to expand globally, as well as investing heavily in both their manufacturing and commercial footprints. This has been the case in the Asia Pacific region in particular, but we’ve also seen U.S. suppliers coming into Europe, European suppliers entering Asia Pacific markets, and Asia Pacific suppliers entering markets around the globe. So I think globalization of footprint is clearly a key development.

Why do customers choose SPX FLOW pumping solutions?

When customers buy from SPX FLOW they have the peace of mind knowing that they are going to get a product or solution that is high quality, reliable and efficient backed by an organization with strong capabilities in service and support. Trust in the quality of our products has been the foundation of our brands' success for more than 100 years. 

We have the advantage of being a large global manufacturer of a broad range of industrial equipment and systems. So if a customer is looking to purchase a pump from us, they may also need a mixer or a heat exchanger. With SPX FLOW, you can purchase all of these components or an entire processing line from a single, trusted supplier. We also take a global approach to our aftermarket services. So generally speaking, if a customer buys a pump in Europe, we'll support it in Asia, the Americas or in India, for instance. That kind of support network is important to customers.

It also comes down to the quality of the people SPX FLOW has behind our solutions. Our engineers have an incredible wealth of experience that enables them to effectively meet all of the technical requirements of a job and often push the envelope of a product to meet the particular specialized requirements of an application, providing added value to the customer. One of the reasons we win competitive contracts is because we’re able to put our most knowledgeable experts directly in front of the customer and demonstrate we know how to solve their issues and optimize their processes.  It’s that kind of expertise that customers tend to trust and value the most.