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SPX Innovates to Achieve Breakthrough in Cosmetics

When a global personal care company wanted to produce preservative-free products, SPX came forward with an innovative solution based on dairy technology adapted for this specific need. The new approach uses an ultra-high temperature process to produce sterile cosmetic products.

Jean-Michel Ingles, general manager of SPX Flow Technology in France, said the customer is extremely pleased with the quality of the cosmetic creams being produced using SPX’s technology. “Our customer views the outcome of this project as a significant commercial success as the company is the first in its industry with the capability to supply sterile cosmetic creams worldwide,” he added. “This innovative technology is now being used to extend our business with other personal care companies.”

To verify that the new approach would be effective, product trials were conducted using pilot plants at the SPX Innovation Centre in Silkeborg, Denmark. These trials produced excellent results and led to an order to design two industrial plants for the customer.

Claus Thorsen, manager of SPX’s Innovation Centres in Silkeborg and Copenhagen, Denmark, noted that the development of this new approach for producing cosmetics provides an excellent example of the benefits of collaboration. “When working across geographic and business unit boundaries to consult with other SPX experts, we have the potential to achieve the most innovative results,” he said.