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SPX Provides Oil Production Pumps to Kraken Oil Field

Kraken is one of the largest subsea heavy-oil field projects under development in the UK sector of the North Sea and, this past November, SPX was selected to provide the field with fifteen oil well production pumps. The Kraken oil field could have reserves of 137 million barrels of heavy oil, with an estimated field life of 25 years, and is expected to produce more than 50,000 barrels per day at its peak.

Plans for the Kraken field call for each production well to be equipped with a single Hydraulic Submersible Pump (HSP), located in the well bore, more than 3,000 feet below the seabed. These pumps will reportedly require less maintenance while providing the essential pressure needed for the reservoir fluids to enable production at optimal rates to the field’s floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities. SPX’s ClydeUnion-branded HSPs include features such as a unique combination of pressure boosting and flow assurance improvements that are particularly beneficial for heavy oil production.

"SPX ClydeUnion Pumps' HSP features a multiphase pump technology that has been successfully deployed for more than 12 years in a similar subsea well development and has been proven to offer high operational flexibility, availability and reliability," notes Tony Renzi, president of SPX Flow Power & Energy. "Our technology can reduce the need for well access for pump servicing, and consequently often enables our customers to more easily determine their operating expenditures."

SPX’s contract to supply HSP technology to support Kraken oil field operations was recently featured in Offshore Technology magazine.

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