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SPX’s APV LeanCreme Helps Meet Demand for Tasty, Low-Fat Food

Consumers around the world continue to boost demand for low-fat, highly nutritional food. To help food and beverage producers align with this trend, SPX offers a valuable resource: the APV LeanCreme™ process.

Conventional reduced-fat products have typically lacked the sensory qualities of products with traditional fat content. The APV LeanCreme process, however, presents an attractive alternative.

Microparticulation, the heart of the LeanCreme process, is used to produce a fat replacement – microparticulated whey protein, which is a soft, whitish liquid with a viscosity and creamy texture.

A large dairy products company in Europe found LeanCreme to be an excellent solution when searching for a new approach to handling excess whey. The company selected the LeanCreme system to convert whey into a high-protein, low-fat dairy concentrate that replaces part of the fat in its premium cheese products without a loss in flavor or texture. Another potential application for the company is using the converted whey in high-protein, dairy-based sports drinks.

Other companies have used LeanCreme to produce reduced-fat:

  • Pressed, soft and fresh cheeses

  • Fermented milk products and milk desserts

  • Protein enriched milk drinks and yogurt

  • Dressings, sauces and mayonnaise

  • Ice cream, chocolate and confectionary products

  • Bakery products

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