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SPX Flow Industrial President David Wilson among 10 Expats to Win Gold Magnolia Award from Shanghai Municipality

David J. Wilson, SPX Flow Industrial President

SPX Flow Industrial President David J. Wilson was recently awarded Shanghai’s prestigious “Gold Magnolia Award” in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the city. Since 1993, just 269 foreigners have been honored with the Gold Magnolia Award. In 2011, Wilson was awarded the Silver Magnolia Award, also in recognition of his contributions to Shanghai’s economic and social development.

This year’s award recipients hailed from the U.S., the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, and included entrepreneurs, educators and scientific research and health professionals. During the awards ceremony, Tu Guangshao, executive vice mayor of Shanghai remarked that the city’s achievements in economic development, social harmony, advanced reform and improved living standards could not have been made without the hard work and wisdom of the 10 award winners.

“You truly live up to the honor we gave you today and the Shanghai people shall always remember your contribution and your friendship,” he said.

“It is truly a great honor and privilege to have been recognized with Shanghai’s Gold Magnolia Award,” said Wilson. “I feel very fortunate to have lived and worked in Shanghai over the past six years, and I would like to thank SPX for having given me the opportunity. This award is an honor I share with all our employees who have worked so hard to make a positive, lasting impact on this great city and the people in its community. As Shanghai’s – and China’s – remarkable growth story continues to impress, SPX is making meaningful contributions to its economic and social fabric.”

Since China’s reform and opening-up, Shanghai has attracted a growing number of foreign expatriates, many of whom have made outstanding contributions to the city’s economic and social development. In acknowledgement and appreciation of their hard work and achievements, the Shanghai Municipality began presenting key individuals with a special “Magnolia Award,” with the first ones awarded in 1989. Every year, candidates are reviewed and selected by the Shanghai Joint Meeting on Awards for Foreign Nationals before being approved by the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office. Named for Shanghai’s official flower, the “Magnolia Award” is a top honor for foreigners living and working in Shanghai.

David began living and working in Shanghai in 2007 while serving as Asia Pacific President for SPX’s Service Solutions business. In 2009, he became President of Asia Pacific for SPX Flow Technology and most recently he was appointed President of SPX Flow Industrial. In his new role he relocated back to SPX headquarters in Charlotte, N.C.