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SPX Innovation Centre in Denmark Expands Training for Margarine Production

The SPX Flow Technology Innovation Centre in Søborg,Denmark is contributing to the global food industry’s efforts to address growing global concerns over trans fats – particularly as it relates to margarine production.

For more than a decade, the SPX Flow Technology Innovation Center has held an annual training event in margarine production and, because of a recent spike in concerns about the dangers of trans fats, the center has expanded that training into two courses. Through these expanded courses, SPX can now provide training for up to 56 of its food-producing customers from around the world per year.

With a focus on producing margarine without trans fats, training participants can improve their knowledge of the principles and practices of the crystallization of oils and fats and the processes involved. The course also covers current marketplace trends and future trend predications.

Because of their extensive educational and on-the-job experience in food science, SPX employees who deliver the training are able to share their insights and deep expertise with training participants. The course also allows SPX to give customers a real hands-on experience using the latest SPX margarine processing products and systems.