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Marine and Shipbuilding Industries Welcome SPX Onboard

With more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface covered by water, members of the marine and shipbuilding industries are literally at work throughout most of the world. Whether hauling cargo, operating an offshore platform or transporting passengers on a Mediterranean cruise, many complex, water-related challenges require proven solutions that SPX can provide.

With decades of experience and cutting-edge technology, SPX serves as a reliable resource when it comes to supplying equipment that must be corrosion-resistant, easy-to-maintain and dependable in the harsh marine environment. SPX’s products suitable for marine and shipbuilding applications include ship bunkering, bilge and ballast, sea water intake, main engine cooling and many more. They meet diverse needs for original equipment manufacturers, ship and boat builders, commercial and fishing boat operators, and pleasure craft owners.

APV, ClydeUnion Pumps, Jemaco, Johnson Pump and Plenty are the key SPX product brands used by these industries.

APV heat exchangers play important roles on board ships, including main engine cooling, comfort cooling of passenger cabins, waste heat recovery and fresh water generation. APV regulating and process valves are adaptable and modular, which make them suitable for the cramped settings often found with marine applications.

ClydeUnion Pumps include specialized models for offshore or subsea use, with some submersible options. A recent contract for ClydeUnion Pumps was to supply the propulsion pumps package for nuclear submarines.

Jemaco compressed air dryers and filters remove oil, water, rust and pipe scale. Modern marine vessels employ pneumatic control systems that require less manpower yet provide maximum safety, superb efficiency and excellent reliability. The system air supplied by a compressor naturally contains unwanted impurities like condensed water and oil particles, which may eventually cause malfunctions. Therefore, an air dryer to remove impurities becomes an essential choice for the system.

Johnson Pump brand products specifically designed for the marine industry include heavy-duty flexible impeller pumps for cooling marine engines, water pressure systems for use in a shower or galley, submersible bilge pumps, compact toilet handling and wastewater pumps, and manual or electrical powered toilets.

Plenty Filters are currently supplied to many sectors of the marine industry, including use on naval ships, oil and gas exploration and production vessels, cruise ships and ferries, bulk liquid carriers and shore facilities. These filters offer a compact and lightweight solution to the many filtration requirements of modern vessels.

Plenty Pumps serving the marine industry include Triro triple screw pumps and Twinro double screw pumps. The Triro series are used for pumping light lubricants for forced lubricating systems, hydraulic elevators, booster and transfer systems, and fuel-oil firing boilers. Applications for the Twinro series involve heavier oil transfer as well as loading and bunkering ships.

The next time you’re at sea or on a lake, expect to find SPX almost everywhere you look, from deck washing and engine cooling to playing a role in processing your favorite boating refreshments, snacks and suntan lotions.