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    A topside 12-inch Class 2500 Multiple Pig Launcher for Kupe Gas Project

“Multiple Pig Launching” System from SPX Helps Ease Oil and Gas Pipeline Maintenance

To support the continued productivity of offshore platform facilities, SPX’s GD Engineering brand has developed a range of Multiple Pig Launching (MPLs) products for both Topside and Subsea pipeline pigging applications. When operators need to carry out pipeline “pigging” operations on a frequent basis to maintain product flow, MPLs provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective solution.

“Pigging,” in the context of pipelines, refers to the process by which devices, called “pigs,” are sent through the pipeline(s) to perform various analytical or product flow operations including cleaning and inspection of the pipeline. Pigging operations can be accomplished without having to cease product flow through the pipeline.

Sequential pig launching facilitates a safe, reliable method of ensuring that individual pigs are positively launched into the pipeline through field-proven Pig, Stop and Bypass (PSB) mechanisms.

GD Engineering’s range of MPLs enables pipeline operators to perform sequential pig launching operations manually or remotely, without the need to depressurize the launcher.

By using a Local Control Panel for topside launchers, maintenance professionals can access the necessary status monitoring required for safe remote operation.

Based upon the efficiency and utility of the GD Engineering MPL system, a 12-inch diameter class 2500 MPL system was recently chosen and installed as part of the Kupe Gas/Condensate Field Development. The Kupe Development installation is on an unmanned offshore platform, a 30 km pipeline to shore, an onshore production station, and up to six wellheads.

Avoiding heavy wax build up necessitates frequent pigging operations to keep the pipeline clear of deposits and this 12-inch Multiple Pig Launching System is designed to perform remote pigging operations, at specified intervals, and without manual intervention. This MPL system allows five pigs to be launched sequentially without the need for maintenance professionals to depressurize the launcher, saving time and money.

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