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Oil Pipeline Infrastructure: M&J Valve and the U.S. Pipeline Build-out

According to estimates from the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), by the year 2035, North America may add as many as 19,000 miles of oil pipelines at a cost of $31.4 billion. What essentially constitutes the largest build-out of oil and liquid pipelines in the U.S. since World War II is helping to drive increased demand for the multi-ton valves and massive pumps needed to maintain pipeline flow.

SPX's M&J Valve has been providing valve products to the hydrocarbon pipeline, storage and distribution markets for more than four decades. M&J Valve Vice President of Sales John Starck explains how the company is helping to meet increased demand for its valve components used in oil and liquid pipeline infrastructure.

What types of M&J valves are seeing the greatest up-tick in demand as a result of the oil and liquid pipeline build-out?

The M&J M-303 Slab Gate and Expanding Gate are currently among the most popular products with our customers. These products are proven and have a successful track record in excess of fifty years. The M&J product offering is very broad as M&J provides the full Gate valve complement of 2”- 84” ANSI 150-2500 for the Oil/Gas Industry needs.

Are these off the shelf valves or do they need to be custom-made?

Our products are generally ‘engineered to specifications.' At M&J, we don’t just build the valves and put them on the shelf, because each customer has their own unique set of specs.

How long does it generally take to build and deliver large pipeline valves?

It varies, but for example, it can take as many as 36-42 weeks to build a 42-inch valve that weighs in excess of 40,000 pounds.

What steps has M&J taken to help meet increased demand?

We have expanded our manufacturing workforce to a slight degree, but most of our efforts have been focused on optimizing our existing manufacturing plant capacity at our facility in Houston, Texas.