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  • SPX at PowerGen 2014

  • SPX at PowerGen 2014

  • SPX at PowerGen 2014

  • SPX at PowerGen 2014

  • SPX at PowerGen 2014

SPX Highlights Power and Energy Solutions at PowerGen International 2014

SPX recently showcased its complete power offering at the PowerGen International trade show in Orlando, Florida. This is one of the most prestigious events on the power industry calendar, with 1400 exhibitors from over 90 countries, and 20,000 delegates in attendance.

The SPX booth represented all three segments and was designed around the new messaging and visuals developed over the last twelve months, giving SPX a true point of differentiation in this key market place. The event planning and post event follow-up utilized the new trade event process being rolled out by the SPX Commercial Group, which ensures activities are aligned to clear strategic objectives. 

The primary focus was on Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power generation, which is one possible approach to satisfy society's expectations for greener, low carbon power. In CCGT, the gas turbine generates electricity using natural gas, and then heat in the exhaust gas is used to produce steam that drives the steam turbine, generating additional electricity. By recycling this heat, the efficiency is increased by more than 25 per cent versus a conventional system. 

PowerGen International 2014 saw the launch of augmented reality marketing visuals for the Copes Vulcan Steam Bypass Valve. In this visual, the presenter is projected onto a screen, where they interact with the product. SPX also delivered a technical presentation by Andjelko Piskuric of SPX Cooling Technologies, to discuss the“Next Generation Plume Abatement and Water Conservation in Wet Cooling Towers”. The presentation was well attended and prompted some healthy debate on this key topic. 

In addition, at the Annual Awards Gala on the opening night, Ivanpah Concentrated Solar Power project (Bechtel, NRG Energy and Brightsource) was named the 2014 Renewable Energy Project of the Year. SPX has provided many of the critical applications on this project, including the Boiler Feed Pumps and Air Cooled Condensers. 

Colin Elcoate, VP Business Development for Flow Power and Energy, stated, “PowerGen 2014 was a huge success for SPX, allowing us to meet substantial numbers of customers, partners, competitors and key industry stakeholders, giving us a clear view on upcoming projects and deeper insight on market trends and activities. 

“Everything we learned supports our strategic plans and gives us confidence in the actions and initiatives already underway to support the growth of this key SPX market,” he added. Based on this success, plans are already in progress for the next session of PowerGen in 2015.