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Plenty Mixers: Playing An Integral Role In Crude Oil Storage Tanks

It’s not uncommon to find large crude oil storage tanks situated at the start and the end of an oil pipeline. From the road, the size of these crude oil storage tanks can be deceiving. In fact, some of them can be as large as a football field in diameter and as high as 50 feet tall. SPX’s Plenty-branded mixers are installed on the sides of many of these crude oil storage tanks and are designed to perform a variety of functions. SPX National Sales Manager Ron Metz explains why.

How do SPX’s Plenty–branded mixers contribute to the overall performance of crude oil storage tanks?

The crude oil in storage tanks contains bottom sludge and water that is commonly called BS&W. SPX Plenty Mixers are typically mounted on a swivel that allows the flow from the impeller to sweep the tank bottom from left to right. This action sweeps the BS&W off the tank bottom and mixes it uniformly in the tank.

What can happen if this important function isn’t performed?

If BS&W is allowed to accumulate, the result is often decreased storage capacity and the possibility of increased corrosion of the tank bottom and walls. Accumulated BS&W can also plug drains and damage floating roofs.

What are the benefits of using Plenty mixers in cold climates?

Heating elements are sometimes required to prevent the oil from thickening in cold climates. Our Plenty mixers enhance the heat transfer from the elements to the crude oil and enhance performance by mixing the entire contents of the tank to provide a uniform temperature. The Plenty mixers also blend the tank when different sources of crude are introduced into the tank. Blending assures that the the crude is uniform leaving the tank.

What are some examples of commercial pipelines where Plenty mixers are being used?

In the summer of 2013, SPX received an order for 30 Plenty mixers for the Bechtel / TransCanada pipeline project and more recently received an order for 33 Plenty mixers to be used for the Enterprise Crude Houston Oil (ECHO) Terminal.

What distinguishes Plenty in the overall marketplace for mixers?

Acquired by SPX in 2001, Plenty is one of SPX's oldest manufacturers and was first established in 1790. The company originally made farm equipment, but later moved to steam engineering during the 19th Century, and started making a diverse range of products from submarine machinery to rotary pumps. Today, Plenty manufacturers high quality pumps, mixers, filters and filtration equipment for use in a variety of industries including oil & gas, power, water & water treatment, food & beverage, edible oils and chemical.