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SPX Provides the Global Brewing Industry with Innovative Clarifying and Separation Solutions

Seital Separation Technology from SPX offers innovative separation solutions for brewing companies that are designed to be cost-effective while also producing high-quality results.

For the beer industry, Seital-brand hermetic separators are designed to enable brewers to remove yeast and other non-soluble solids without affecting the taste, aroma, and overall quality of their beer. With a wide variety of clarifiers, SPX offers a broad range of products to meet the specifications that they demand and partners with customers to determine the clarifier best suited to their needs. The main characteristics of SPX’s beer clarifiers include product and engineering quality, efficiency, safety and control.

Additionally, SPX offers customers dependable aftermarket service and support for its Seital separation solutions, including a remote monitoring system to help identify and solve problems quickly, and maintenance and troubleshooting services to help avoid costly production line downtime.

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