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SPX Separation Technology: Efficient, Cost-effective Wine Clarification

As part of our broad food and beverage processing offerings and expertise, SPX provides an array of innovative, highly efficient wine separation technologies and clarification solutions to the global wine industry.

Wine is considered clear when there are no visible particles suspended in the liquid, providing a degree of transparency. A wine with any suspended matter will appear cloudy and dull. For this reason, most wines are clarified after fermentation to remove insoluble matter, such as grape residue. SPX’s series of Seital-branded clarifiers feature a special soft inlet feeding system to ensure gentle product handling and a hydraulic sealing feature to minimize oxygen pick up, to help prevent product damage during the clarification process.

SPX’s Seital Separation Technology is designed to enable customers to test applications and further optimize processes in order to reduce costs. We also provide customers with regular maintenance services to prolong equipment life and remote monitoring to help ensure quick problem solving.

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