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    In-house shortening production for dry bakery mix products can have many advantages for larger manufacturers.

SPX Helps Bakery Reduce Costs with Automated Shortening Process Line

Since 2010, SPX has been working with Continental Mills, a popular dry bakery mix producer. For years, Continental Mills manually produced the shortening that was included in its dry mixes, a very labor-intensive process whereby operators needed to monitor every parameter of shortening production.

In early 2010, SPX’s Gerstenberg Schröder business installed a completely automated shortening production process line at Continental Mills’ Dry Mix Plant in Kent, Washington. The SPX system is able to produce 1,814 kg of shortening with the push of a button, and connects to the automated dry-mix blending system without manual intervention.

The SPX process line eliminated the need for manual intervention in shortening production, providing Continental Mills greater ease and efficiency in product production, reduced waste material, and reduced operational costs.

This customer engagement was recently featured in Confectionery Production magazine.