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SPX Honors New Ideas from Innovators Across the Company

SPX recently recognized top innovators from across its many businesses – and the globe -- at its 2012 SPX Innovation Conference in Charlotte. As part of a company-wide commitment to driving an increased culture of innovation, SPX management invited engineers, scientists and other top innovators to come together to discuss best practices and share their success stories.

SPX’s continued efforts to expand its portfolio of products and service offerings to help solve critical issues for its customers is a management-led initiative that Chairman and CEO Chris Kearney championed several years ago to help enhance SPX’s competitive market position. In October 2012, a large group gathered in Charlotte to showcase some of the many ideas generated to date, to compare approaches, give and receive recognition, and also share their thoughts on new ways to foster ingenuity and support idea incubation through closer collaboration.

When developing new products or services, many SPX innovators say that a vital first step is gathering insights directly from customers. What do they need to be more productive, more efficient? Others highlight the importance setting a personal challenge to devise a way that the customer can reduce their costs and improve their productivity, and then working at it until you succeed.

Teamwork is yet another essential element. While one individual might provide key elements in the innovation process, the rest takes close cooperation, multiple contributions and dedicated teamwork efforts of the entire team to successfully bring new products and services to market.