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    In-house shortening production for dry bakery mix products can have many advantages for larger manufacturers.

SPX Innovation Spawns New Equipment and Technologies

SPX’s recent innovation efforts have resulted in several new products and technologies that offer significant benefits to customers.

One of these products addresses several tough challenges faced by the food and beverage industry. SPX’s Cavitator heats liquids without scale build-up and solves many of the most difficult mixing and dispersing challenges. It uses a carefully engineered rotor that forms millions of tiny bubbles and then instantly implodes them. The bubbles create shockwaves that mix ingredients at a microscopic level. The process also produces heat in the food product but without using high temperature metal surfaces that could burn it, and without leaving deposits that would need to be cleaned away.

SPX’s new Sanitary Positive Displacement Pump delivers advanced processing technology. It runs with optimal efficiency while focusing on reliability, product protection and cost efficiency. With its hygienic design, it reduces the possibility of cross-contamination in the product zone and is suitable for challenging sanitary and industrial applications. The unique rotor attachment design provides a backlash-free connection that is easy to access and service.

Another innovative product from SPX is the Gerstenberg Schröder brand Nexus scraped-surface heat exchanger that uses carbon dioxide as a cooling medium. SPX also offers the APV Heat Exchanger with a new, innovative plate design. In effect, it minimizes service and maintenance downtime while maximizing heat recovery efficiency which, in turn, increases production time and reduces process costs.

These and other SPX innovative solutions are playing a role in meeting increased global demand for processed food and beverages, especially in emerging markets.