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    Streams of milk are heated in an steam infusion chamber during ultra high temperature treatment to kill micro-organisms.

  • Innovation at Work

    This schematic shows an example of an SPX steam infusion UHT plant.


Use Steam Infusion for Fresh Taste

SPX finds many benefits in using ultra high temperature (UHT) treatment in production processes within the food and beverage industry where commercial sterility is essential. There are a variety of technologies available for the UHT treatment of products. For example, direct heating methods, such as steam injection or steam infusion, mix the heating steam with the product. A technical paper describing the advantages of steam infusion UHT treatment is now available.

UHT processes use high temperature for a short time to kill micro-organisms in a food or beverage product. This technology is widely used in the dairy industry where products can lose their nutritional value, flavor and appearance as micro-organisms multiply. These organisms thrive at certain temperatures but if they are not present in a product, it can be stored for many months without the need for refrigeration.

Steam infusion achieves this objective with minimal heat degradation compared with other UHT processes. It helps protect essential components such as vitamins and results in fresh tasting products with outstanding quality. It provides the necessary kill rate for commercial sterility and can handle a wide product viscosity range – covering fluids from milk through creams and lotions.