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Compact Expanding Gate Valves

  • compact expanding gate valve


  • compact expanding gate valve


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  • compact expanding gate valve
  • compact expanding gate valve
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compact expanding gate valves

The M&J Valve's Compact Expanding Gate Valve is a full opening non-thru-conduit mechanically sealing valve that achieves superior sealing by utilization of a two-piece parallel expanding gate.
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The M&J Expanding Gate Valve is a round body cast steel valve with a thru conduit in the open position and is normally manufactured in class 600 & higher. The M&J Compact Expanding Gate Valve is a full opening non-thru-conduit design utilizing the proven features of the M&J Cast Expanding Gate Valve and the M&J M303 Fabricated Slab Gate Valve.

The mechanical sealing performance makes it ideal for critical double block and bleed applications. All valves meet the end to end and other requirements of API-6D. Increases or decreases of line pressure will not affect the tight mechanical seal.

Available in line sizes 3" - 48", ANSI 150-300.

  • Expanding Mechanical Seal
  • Double Block and Bleed
  • In Line Maintenance
  • API-6D Gate Valve Face to Face