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SPX OFM Services aftermarket history goes back to 1978 when Oilfield Fabricating and Machine began manufacturing valve components and parts for oilfield and petroleum industry related equipment. OFM expanded their service to include complete underground storage wellhead and repair services.

OFM Services has built their business based upon quality API certified service for your your pipeline, underground storage, petrochemical, or geothermal applications. By providing quality remanufacturing of all API valves and wellheads, coupled with a desire to satisfy customers, SPX has grown to offer customers an even wider range of capabilities and a complete line of new gate valves and wellhead equipment.

OFM Services provides a full range of maintenance, reconditioning, and inventory management services to maximize your valve and wellhead investment. When you send your equipment to OFM, you're sure to get a complete, reliable evaluation of what is needed to restore it to API and other applicable standards.

Field service sets SPX OFM Services apart from the others. While others claim it, SPX delivers prompt customer support. Qualified and experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day. Some of the services provided are routine maintenance, DOT valve inspections, field lubrication, installation of storage wellheads, valve/actuator troubleshootingc comprehensive valve repair during scheduled turnarounds in refineries, processing and production facilities.

OFM Service Centers can rebuild many types of valves from the ground up. With a large inventory of spare parts and complete cleaning, machining and testing capabilities, virtually any valve repair requirement can be met.

For many brands of storage wellhead equipment, OFM Services offers a complete customer support program. OFM Services routinely removes, refurbishes and replaces entire storage cavern wellheads within 72 to 96 hours. All valves and wellhead components are completely refurbished to API 6A/6D specifications. As a complete wellhead manufacturer, OFM Services replaces components beyond repair with new factory warranted equipment. OFM Services turnkey service begins with dismantling assistance and concludes with a pack-off and test in the field.