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Services Provided

  • Actuator mounting and testing
  • Assemble and test storage wellheads, manifolds, etc.
  • Conversion of valves from one product to another (crude to product)
  • Design and manufacture
  • Dismantling and inspection of valves, storage wellheads, manifolds, other assemblies
  • Dutchman removal and machining of casing head
  • Field lubrication
  • Field repairs of API 6D valves
  • Field service of storage wells
  • Field torquing of studs and nuts
  • General machining
  • Geothermal Valves
  • Geothermal Wellheads
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Inventory management of customers property
  • Lube and test (in the field or at facility)
  • Machine and welding seat and seal pockets
  • Machining
  • Manufacturing, designing, and installing stem extensions
  • Modification of valves
    • Change stem seal from O-ring to chevron V-ring type
    • Convert model "D" Pow-R-Seal to bolted bonnet
  • Mounting of operators
  • New valves in stock
  • Nitrogen gas testing
  • Operator mounting
  • Painting and coating
  • Pre-inspections of valves prior to field service job
  • Remanufacture, complete: Pipeline gate valve, Quarter-turn products, Wellhead sub-assemblies
  • Remanufactured valves in stock
  • Repair as directed by customer-all products
  • Reworking of hydrocarbon and gas storage wellhead equipment and valves
  • Shotblasting and sandblasting
  • Skim cutting of flanges
  • Spare parts sales for Daniel/M&J, WKM, Grove, etc.
  • Special technical field assistance
  • Stem extension design, manufacture, install
  • Storage of Customer Assets
  • Storage wellhead equipment, design and manufacturing - OFM Profile
  • Storage wellhead service
  • Stress relieving
  • Valve conversions
  • Valve inspections-DOT type
  • Valve maintenance programs
  • Valve repair during plant shutdowns
  • Valve seminars
  • Welding

OFM-01-US: Pipeline Valve & Storage Wellhead Services